The New Collections: Kallos + Agapi

This year we had the honor of sharing our newest collections: Kallos and Agapi at New York Bridal Fashion week at the most stunning venue - Melange De Blanc. As always, we met some fabulous store owners and cannot wait to share some new stores Antonio Gual will be carried in, as well as some of our tried and true salons we've worked with for years.

Kallos is an ancient greek word that implies beauty that combines physical appearance and the virtues of the soul. In our Kallos Collection, you will see stunning necklines, feminine silhouettes and unique fabrics. Our Kallos gowns are Eunie, LP, Samantha, Sofia, Belle, Camille, Tye, Olivia, Mackenzie and Vanessa.

Agapi is the latest in our Jennifer Black line, our opening price point collection. Agapi is another lovely greek word that expresses the feeling of love and affection among friends, family and lovers. Our Jennifer Black line supports an organization that we love - 5under40. In this new collection you will see Stella, Monica, Phoenix and Rileigh. 

Our experience at New York Bridal Fashion Week this year was unmatched. We were so excited to show our newest gowns that Antonio has worked tirelessly on over the last year. Fritz, Antonio's sidekick (his Dachshund) also made an appearance and was definitely the star of the show! We are already looking forward to next years' NYBFW.