03 - 02 -  2021

Notes on a wedding

"The butterfly effect is real, and this time the universe got it exactly right." 

"In a city of 8.4 million people, I found my person completely unexpectedly in a crowded West Village bar. 

It’s crazy to think that if I had left the house 30 minutes later, or if someone hadn’t spilled that drink on me (for which Mark apologized) or if I had simply stayed in (like I really wanted to),the entire course of my life would have changed."

Meet Chloe and Mark, a couple dear to the AG team. 

"What’s even more remarkable about that night is that, little did we know, across the bar Mark's roommate was independently meeting his own future wife by happenstance. There was definitely something written in the stars that night!"

"The level of service and commitment to making my vision come true absolutely floored me and moved me to tears." 

On Finding Her Dream Gown...

"Growing up, my best friend’s dad always said, 'Before you get married, date as many people as possible.' The thinking being, that the more people you dated and got to know, the more sure you’d be when you finally met the one. I took that advice to heart, and I also applied the same thinking to finding 'THE dress' (these decisions can’t be made lightly!). 

By the time I got to Tulle, I must have tried on between 35-50 dresses. I was exhausted and irritable and quite frankly a little 'over it.' 

But Tulle was an entirely different experience."

More details on Chloe's unique experience below...

"Trying the dresses on, the fabrics felt rich and amazing and I just knew that I had found not only my dress, but my wedding dress designer. Antonio and his business manager, Larry, were personable, enthusiastic, detail-oriented and obviously extremely talented. I felt a connection to them immediately, and knew that they were the partners I wanted for making my dream dress a reality. 

The importance of my choice became even more evident when just a few days before the wedding, the independent tailor I had been using refused to make any more alterations to my dress and I was in an absolute state of panic. 

Antonio and Larry went above and beyond, including an in-person shopping trip for just the *exact* right color tulle and an emergency booking with Antonio’s personal tailor to fit me and turnaround final alterations SAME DAY."

"Mark grew up in a suburb of Philadelphia, I grew up in a suburb of Minneapolis, and we met in New York. 

In an utterly bizarre coincidence, I learned the night we met that Mark’s older sister, Meaghan, had recently moved from the East Coast to my hometown of Edina, Minnesota and was living right down the street from where I had grown up."

"I think so much of what I love about our relationship is in the details; all the little gestures that are taken daily to make each other’s lives just a little better and brighter. 

Mark is amazing at this, bringing me coffee in bed in the mornings, charging my AirPods and iPhone when they inevitably run low, buying me surprise 'gifts' just because."

My greatest vow is to return that same, amazing love in full, “to strive everyday to help you, support you, surprise you and delight you, in myriad ways big and small, all the days of my life.”


Bride - Chloe Kivestu

Gown - Demi Couture Custom

Fitted In-House (NYC)

Location - York, Maine

Photo - Rachel Buckley

Planner - Jessica Carli Events

Post & Interview By Lisa Paravano

Special thanks to Chloe for sharing her story, and trusting us with last minute alterations! 

We have now named this Demi-Couture creation the Chloe gown.

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