A Beautiful Memphis Wedding 

Rachel and Parker have known each other since children, but began dating in 2014.  How beautiful to have known each other through so many different phases of life! 

How they met

"We technically have known each other since we were kids. There’s a picture somewhere of us at a birthday party together around age 5 or so. But we reconnected one year via a friend, technically his distant cousin. We were part of a youth group in Memphis and we had a formal/dance and I needed a date. She suggested I ask Parker, who truly had no recollection of who I was. We ended up going to the dance together and stayed in touch with each other over the next year. Around his birthday in 2014, we decided to start dating and the rest is history."

The color scheme

"I knew I wanted black and white with a third accent color. We went back and forth between a springy blue and blush, and continued to go back to blush. It was just so elegant looking and I think matched the venue perfectly. We had a lot of greenery mixed in as well and it was just a gorgeous scene."

Finding THE dress

"This ended up being the easiest part of wedding planning! We had two bridal salons in Memphis that we were going to check out, and if I didn’t find anything, we were going to go to other cities to try on dresses. My first appointment was with Nicole Barré, who is such a gem of a human. The first dress I tried was MP, and I continued to compare all other dresses to her. Even when we went to the other salon, I couldn’t stop thinking about MP. The next month we came back in to order the dress, and when I tried MP on again, I knew it was the one. I just felt so comfortable and myself, which is what I wanted for my day. "

The venue

"We had a hard time finding wedding venues. Originally, we were looking at around 500 people before we started realizing it was just not gonna work out. Many venues in Memphis only catered to around 200-250 people, so we had trouble early on. I randomly came across The Kent one day, and decided to go tour it. We knew it was the perfect place. I wasn’t really sure what I wanted venue-wise, and when we saw it, I immediately had ideas for what I wanted our wedding to look like. The venue is very rustic with a lot of brick and iron work, and our vendors played off that with floral arrangements and other designs. It was just so beautiful and perfect for us. "

One moment I would relive...

"There were so many people who told us that the day would go by so fast, and Parker and I didn’t really believe them. But it’s true, it flashed by in the blink of an eye. The day truly was amazing and there wasn’t a single part of it that I wouldn’t want to relive, but I think there were to moments that I would want to go back to. The first is the Hora. Our band killed it with their rendition and every single person was dancing. It’s such a special part of any Jewish wedding, and just so happens to be my favorite. The second moment would be when my father and uncle decided to surprise everyone with a performance of “Soul Man”. No one, not even our wedding planner, knew it was going to happen! It was so amazing and my dad was living his best life."


Photographer:  Rob & Deanna Photography

Venue: The Kent